On 02 June 2009 the council of oriental orthodox churches was the day of election of office bearers for three years.
Fr. Abraham Thomas of our Church was working as the Secretary of the Council for past three years.
At the election His Grace was elected as the chariman of the Council and the tenure of the office would be for three years.
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It is indeed an amazing gratitude and great privilage to the Malankara Orthodox Church that our new bishop become the chairman of the council, which is the assembly of six oriental Orthodox Churches in the UK .Coptic Orthodox Church (including British Orthodox Church), Armenian Orthodox Church,Ethiopean Orthodox Church,Ertirean Orthodox Church, Indian Orthodox Church, and Syriac Orthodox Church (Including Indian syrian Jacobite Church)are the member churches.The devouted charisma of our holy father formed a significant contribution to this attainment. The members and the office bearers of the council greeted and gladly received Thirumeni with great enthusiasm.The president of the council H.G Anba Angaelos assured that the presence of His Grace Thimotheos would be a great spiritual boost to the Orthodox Christian faithfull in this part of the world.Our new Bishop Mar Thimotheous, the ambassador of Malankara Orthodox Church in UK, Euorope and Africa would be instrumental in the upbring of the unity among oriental Orthodox churches and enhance the harmony between Orthodox,Anglican and Catholic Churches.

In the council meeting the President and the members gratefully appreciated the effort and contribution extended by outgoing secretary Rev.Fr.Abraham Thomas,Vicar, St.Gregorios Indian Orthodox Church London ,during his tenure in his office for the last three years.The bright and vibrant priest of the indian orthodox church not only shown his administrative capabailities but his spiritual, historical and academic skills and knowledge added feathers on the cap of Orthodox Christianity in England.The council offered their best wishes and prayers to him for fullfilling his future assignments .