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Divya Sandhesham

Divya Sandhesham is the visual media project of the Malankara Orthodox Church. The main aim of this project is to spread the message of pure spirituality by means of an electronic media to all the viewers around the world. In this era of modern communication and technology, electronic channels have a major role to play in our lives. The Malankara Orthodox Church is aware of this fact and knows the importance of starting a powerful media to spread the uncorrupted spiritual wisdom of the Orthodox faith. Thus we have launched into the process of creating an Orthodox TV Channel for the church.

The church has also made a tie up with Shalom TV and has obtained a permanent time slot on all Tuesdays 11 - 1130 AM and on all Thursdays 0930 - 1000 AM. More than 50 devotional talks of eminent Orthodox personalities were already broadcasted.


A Visual Media Project of the Malankara Orthodox Church
Catholicate Palace,
Kottayam - 686 038,
Ph: +91-475-2328200